Mustang Makeover Challenge

Kristina and Bella-Sierra placed 23rd overall in the 2009 Midwest Mustang Challenge.

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Ten

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today I stopped out at the barn after a meeting at work with Becky to work with Sierra in the roundpen. I cleaned her stall and tidied up the barn a bit before ATTEMPTING to herd her into the roundpen. Becky left early so it was just me and Sierra... lol

we ended up playing ring around the roundpen- so that idea didnt work. After about 30-45 minutes of this I gave up and took her back to her turnout pen and stall.

I'm not sure if it was a sign from her or intuition, but I stood in the middle of her stall with a lunge whip and she LET ME PET HER with it!!!!!!!!!!

At first she twitched a bit, thinking it was a fly, but she soon relaxed. WHAT A GREAT FEELING! I just KNOW that tonight I will do this again and TOMORROW I hope to be able to pet her with my own hand.

I just KNOW that once we get past this part and halter train her the rest of our journey will progress like I have been HOPING IT WOULD ... lol

and OMG what a GREAT DAY it was today!


  1. Kristina, how big is her paddock? If it's small enough, use that instead of her round pen until you get the halter on. Smaller is better. And touching her with the whip in the stall is good. I'd like to see you get that halter on this week.

    And don't be afraid to let her drag a lead rope along. It'll teach her a lot of valuable lessons, such as giving to pressure when she steps on it.

    BTW, don't know if you saw the post prior to the rush post, but you've got an award on my blog!