Mustang Makeover Challenge

Kristina and Bella-Sierra placed 23rd overall in the 2009 Midwest Mustang Challenge.

Now follow Kristina and Dont SKip Cody on their Journey to the Eastern States Mustang Makeover Stampede in Murfeesburo, TN in October.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009

Today I spent a few hours at the barn playing with sierra. she was playing a not so funny game of catch me if you can.... lol
but after about 5 minutes she was SUCH A GOOD GIRL!

I put her "halter" on her and practiced giving to pressure. I also used a curry comb on her body and legs and she was a lady. I also introduced her to the saddle pad, which she didnt know what to think of at first, but quickly realized It would not bite, and stood like a good girl and let me rub it along her neck, her sides, and then let it stay on her back.

lol all of this while she was munching her hay...

She sure loves her food!!!!!! =)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Day Eighteen Take 2

January 26, 2009

So Becky and I went out by Sierra and I was able to touch under her chin and was able to put the leadrope around her neck and make it into a make shift lariat... lol KRISTINA STYLE =)

She then let the leadrope go across her nose, so i tucked back through the lariat and made my own halter... lol

We practiced give and take to pressure and she is OH SO SMART!However the stinker =) we worked for 45 minutes before she had her mini meltdown =)

and then I let her chill out a bit in her stall while I cleaned up a bit and refilled her water bucket and left her stall and barn on a good note.

Going back out tonight at 10:30 on my way to equispa to check on granny.


Day Eighteen

January 26, 2009

I know its been a while, I've just been BUSY between taking care of Granny, the horses at Greener Pastures, and working through tax season... lol AND SIERRA!

So the latest Update:

Sierra is okay with me walking up to her and petting her. She stands still and allows me to touch all four legs, rub her neck, rub her face, and throw a leadrope over her neck. Her nose is SUPER sensitive and I am working on desensitizing her nose so i can FINALLY get that halter over her nose! lol She allows me to take the rope halter and tie it around her neck as if it was over her nose.

I will update after I work with her tonight.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day Fourteen

Tonight I went out to the barn and was determined that today would be the day to get Sierra's Mustang ID tag off, and what do you know?

It is now sitting in my livingroom reminding me of our accomplishment!

She is great with me petting her back, shoulder, front legs, and neck- and even was alright- even though a bit unsure of me scratching her cheek.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day Thirteen

January 21, 2009

Today I had to work at Equispa 7-5 and then didnt get home until 7:40 p.m. so I stayed home and slacked off today. back to work tomorrow =)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Twelve- I DID IT!

January 20, 2009

Tonight I was able to SLOWLY walk up to sierra and PET HER! =) She is still not all together sure about how she should react to it, but was a perfect lady tonight.

I left her stall on a good note and cleaned up around the barn then about 45 mins later went back and she let me walk right up (i still went slow) and pet her- no tensing this time!


Tomorrow's goal-
to get her BLM tag off =)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day Eleven

January 19, 2009

I waited until tonight to work with Sierra. She was still shy when I walked into her stall to give her hay and to refill her water. She stood next to her hay while I picked out her stall, and I then Stood in her stall and did some more exercises with her. I was able to right away use the end of the whip and pet her with it. She twitched once or twice but then exhaled and enjoyed it (i used the handle part to scratch by her withers) After about 5 minutes on each side, I ran my hand down the whip 1/2 way and moved closer to her. She was still not sure about this change but she quickly settled, relax, and began licking her lips. She was just not ready for me to go all the way and touch her with my hand.

THAT is for tomorrow =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day Ten

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Today I stopped out at the barn after a meeting at work with Becky to work with Sierra in the roundpen. I cleaned her stall and tidied up the barn a bit before ATTEMPTING to herd her into the roundpen. Becky left early so it was just me and Sierra... lol

we ended up playing ring around the roundpen- so that idea didnt work. After about 30-45 minutes of this I gave up and took her back to her turnout pen and stall.

I'm not sure if it was a sign from her or intuition, but I stood in the middle of her stall with a lunge whip and she LET ME PET HER with it!!!!!!!!!!

At first she twitched a bit, thinking it was a fly, but she soon relaxed. WHAT A GREAT FEELING! I just KNOW that tonight I will do this again and TOMORROW I hope to be able to pet her with my own hand.

I just KNOW that once we get past this part and halter train her the rest of our journey will progress like I have been HOPING IT WOULD ... lol

and OMG what a GREAT DAY it was today!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day Nine

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Today we were able to celebrate our "heat wave" of 10 above... lol
I'm not complaining though, it can ALWAYS be worse! (like the neg 46 we had the other day)

I spent this break in the weather attempting to bring the round pen into the indoor arena.... HA! it JUST COULD NOT BE THIS EASY the powers that be must have been dancing around up there laughing hysterically at me today.

The roundpen panels were not only frozen TO the ground, the somehow ended up IN the ground! I tried shovel, a spade, then a jackhammer, that worked fairly well until i was able to get the panel LOOSE but then could not life the panel up to undo the pins that hold the panels together... we were at it for a good hour or so til my back was hurting!

so we took Sierra into the indoor arena and I attempted to work with her in there... yeah it worked for a while- at least until the herd realized that there was another horse in the indoor and they started banging on the windows and got her attention...

so THEN I had the great idea to open up the pens and herd her into the roundpen outside this way... It worked! HOWEVER, while working with her, she would have a mini meltdown and SLIP or SLIDE on the snow! after a while she started to calm down a bit and we were able to have a nice and decent workout. I was able to get about 2 ft away from her, she still does not want to be touched, but i was able to touch her in the booty as she passed me a few times.

I have been told to try to use a bamboo pole, but all of the spaces where i can work with her are too large to use this method- i even thought about using a long lunge whip, and even that i think is too short.

She did really well today, and I have a feeling that if I work her tomorrow and Monday like I did today, she will come around quickly and I'll be able to get that halter on her!

Now I KNOW why the trainers put the halters on their horses while they were in the chutes at pick up- I was not as fortunate to do this because I wasnt able to go! =(

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I guess I better show that I have Gratitude, so here are the instructions.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Eight

Friday, January 16, 2009

this weather sure SUCKS! I have not been able to do anything with sierra the past two days because by the time I walk from my car to the barn, put hay in her stall and pick out her stall and give her more h2o i cant feel my face, fingers, or toes... and i end up running back into the car like a sissy. cant wait for tomorrow (Saturday)- moving roundpen into the indoor arena- dot ask me why i didnt think of that SOONER... rofl

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Day Seven

January 15, 2008
Well I have officially had Sierra here for a week now. I am slightly discouraged about our back tracking- however I find it exciting that she is waiting for me with her head over her stall door when I walk into the barn and she nickers =)

One more day and I will have the roundpen up in the indoor arena and I can actually work with her SAFELY!

With the "heat wave" of 20 degrees forcasted my spirits lift! This and it is the weekend... YAY! I can spend a lot of time together with her.

I will have Becky make sure to post new photos showing our progress!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day Six - Part Two

January 14, 2009
Becky and I drove out to the barn to bring Sierra inside- I didn't have to work too hard to bring her in because the -50 temps brought her in from the cold already =) I just needed to shut the door.

She is still jumpy and skittish as soon as I open the stall door. I belive that the sliding she did in her stall during her meltdown last night really freaked her out.

I spoke to pat and she gave us the go ahead to bring the roundpen inside the arena on Saturday.

SOOOOOOOOOO I am looking for help to help us bring it in and get it set up this saturday at 9-10ish. Hoping many can make it as it is a larger size roundpen!

Day Six ...Part 1

January 14, 2009

This morning I stopped at the barn to let Sierra outside in her paddock and to give her some extra hay to keep her warm in this artic weather we are having her in the midwest!

She stuck her head out of her stall in greeting and that was cool to see that she was excited to see me coming down the isleway! She also nickered to me for more food... lol

I opened her stall door and she immediately had her meltdown and made sure i stayed an even amount of space away from her, which was a bummer.

I will be going back out there tonight to bring her in and work with her a bit more.

Day Five

January 13, 2009

My husband Michael, Sister in law Becky, Friend Amanda and I met out at Mistee Oaks yesterday afternoon. I set myself an unrealistic goal of getting her halter on her. The horses were in the indoor so I had to work with her in her stall.

Once in the stall with her I worked on moving her forward and changing directions with my body. Sierra is definately a quick study- as she had it down in no time.

I did have her halter in my hand so that she would get used to me bringing misc items into her stall and around her. I was also able to walk about a foot away from her and put my hand out as if to touch her. She handled this very well- of coarse until my finger graized the very end of one of her hairs and she had what I call a "mini meltdown" and I was not able to get closer than 2 feet from her and that is okay.

She is definately herd bound and I feel bad for her because she seems so lonely without Tomas' mustang Luna around. I turned her outide for a little bit and she ran right to the arena window to talk to the horses that were in there.

I definately need to figure out a way to keep her with other horses - maybe keep her in the roundpen in the arena for a bit.

Until later!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Day Four

January 12, 2009
Sierra was so great this morning!!!! I walked in her stall and gave her her hay and she did not shy or move away from me! I also refilled her water andshe still stood perfectly still and calm and accepted me into her space. I am now able to stand 3 feet away from her and she is okay with my presence.

I also opened up her stall door and allowed her to hang out in her adjacent paddock during the day. She walked outside and ROLLED and layed down in the snow!

Becky took pictures so those will be up soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day Three

January 11, 2009
This morning I stopped out at the farm to play with her some. I have decided on a name for my mustang......... DRUMROLL PLEASE.....................


She was still skiddish when I enter her stall with hay, or to refill her water bucket, but amazingly, she was perfectly okay with me cleaning out her stall... lol

She still dance together, but she let me get closer to her before she moves away. She is very curious and I just love this about her. She also has a kind eye and this is what i love the best, besides how HUGE she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day Two

January 10, 2009

Today we took it easy. My mustang stayed overnight at Clover Hill and she was moved to Mistee Oaks tonight. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. We backed the trailer up to the barn and she walked calmly into the barn and seemed to know which one was her stall. She walked in and started to munch on her hay. LOL she is fine with us outside her stall, she may give us cautious looks now and again, but she is overall okay with our presence.

However, once I open her stall door and walk in she kinda dances with me- i take one step forward, she takes one back. I take one back she takes one

I have created a poll and have uploaded some photos from last night because I NEED HELP with naming her!!!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

SHE'S Here!!!!!!!!!!! Day One

January 9, 2009
The group was all mares and Lalo is jealous because mine is the "nicest" I tend to semi- disagree because Tomas' mare is cute and petite and I can totally see her pulling on the heartsings of every young child and adult at the fair=) Mine is BUILT like a tank, and obviously has a large portion of quarter horse in her blood! she is at LEAST 15.2 and is so wide I would guess that she is at least a size 82 blanket!!!! maybe 84!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is at Cloverhill until this crazy snow stops and we can back the trailer up to the barn at mistee hill.

I will have my sister in law and best friend becky post some more photos of her soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Less stress is always a good thing

When you have 6 days to find a location to train a mustang! Thank you's to Brian and Pat for offering your facility/farm for me to work with my mustang! I am not sure which route to take at this point,but it is reassuring to know that there are options!

I cannot belive that there is only 6 days until we leave!
The plan is to leave here at 1 am on Friday morning. I am greatful that I do not have to drive!

The group that I am traveling with includes:
lalo govea
tomas martinez
rebecca bishop

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

The count down has officially begun! 8 more days until we pick up the mustang!