Mustang Makeover Challenge

Kristina and Bella-Sierra placed 23rd overall in the 2009 Midwest Mustang Challenge.

Now follow Kristina and Dont SKip Cody on their Journey to the Eastern States Mustang Makeover Stampede in Murfeesburo, TN in October.

Monday, February 23, 2009


If you couldn't tell by my last blog post - I was feeling REALLY discouraged with Sierra's progress. Sierra is a HUGE horse- add that to her unwillingness to cooperate and I just could not physically work farther with her that I was.


With the help of my own husband AND Brian Pogue of Dream Catcher Stable (he also has a mustang of his own "Sassy")my new best guy friend =) Sierra has been doing GREAT!

She lunges, leads, ties, and STANDS when we tack her up! Brian was also messing around with her yesterday and was jumping up and down and hanging on the saddle, so it's looking like we will be riding in the next few days! YAY!

THANK YOU Michael, Brian, and MOM FOR YOUR HELP!

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