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Kristina and Bella-Sierra placed 23rd overall in the 2009 Midwest Mustang Challenge.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

friday night 2/06/09

sierra and i worked on leading in her stall for about 20 minutes- i then put her dressage pad on her that we recieved from my friend jen. i then put my dressage saddle on and tightened up the girth- sierra could care less. However, shewould not walk out of the stall if i tried to lead her or walk next to her. i then had this great idea to use chloe and have her walk into the arena and we would follow her. well- what happened was sierraa still would not walk with me next to her, but chloe kept going- sierra jumped out of her stall, leadrope beetween her legs and she had a melt down.... ran through the barn into the arena and into the arena wall... then continued to run circles around chloe and i (we were in the middle of the arena) for a good 30 minutes, trotted for another 30 and then, after soaked and lathered she came to a stop and hung out with chloe in the middle of the arena. not once did she buck through this, nor did she look frightened even... no huge bulging eyes, no whites of the eyes, she was just running. I cant even begin to explain it. afterwards she followed chloe back up into the barn, walked into her stall and began to munch on hay, she did not flinch when i walked up to her, i took the saddle off with no issues, and i put it back on her again just incase she was in fact frightened by the saddle. I have about 5 minutes of video of her meltdown and my attempt at staying positive and trying to be funny. during this meltdown she stepped on the leadrope and broke her halter, so i really have not been able to do much but groom her and practice picking up her feet when asked. she has a training appt with the farrier on friday. katie has all the tools and i want sierra to start to trust other people besides just me.

I will have to take my camera to my moms so i can upload the pictures and video i took.

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