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Kristina and Bella-Sierra placed 23rd overall in the 2009 Midwest Mustang Challenge.

Now follow Kristina and Dont SKip Cody on their Journey to the Eastern States Mustang Makeover Stampede in Murfeesburo, TN in October.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Day 29

Well it is hard to imagine that tomorrow I have had sierra for 30 days. I definately had no idea what i was getting myself into- but she has proven to not only be a wonderful horse, but a great horse to learn from. Yes, she is teaching many things about the way a horse's mind works. ITs not the same to study a horse that has known no hardship, a horse that is pamperd and fussed over. blanketed, supplemented horses are no match for the wild mustang. =) Sierra does have a stubborn streak to her, but overall is a willing student. In my mind, we are behind where I would like her to be, and how i planned it out... lol unfortunately sierra has other ideas apparently!
we have come a long way. she will now pick up her front feet with some encouragement on my part. She still has issues with me putting a halter over her head, but once the halter is there she could care less about it being there. We still need work when it comes to leading, but i can tack her up with saddle and girth, saddle pad- she could caee less.

My plans for month #2: the next 30 days are to have her under saddle and walk trot and just start the canter.

Month 3: last 30 days will be perfecting the walk trot and canter and adding the palns for our freestyle.

or maybe i shuold forget all of this or i might jinx myself =)

tonight i gave her the day off to just be a horse. tomorow night however i am spending a few hours out there. I also need to find a large horse sized halter- a halter that will not break and is fully adjustable so it will fit her huge head... lol

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